Halloween Styling

love it or despise it, halloween is here…

It’s that time of year when ghouls and ghosts arise from the dead, the pumpkins at Woollies are sold out and kids everywhere are licking their lips in anticipation of the inevitable treats to come. Love it or despise it, the countdown is on and as Halloween rapidly approaches we prepare costumes and lolly bags for our kids as well as decorating our homes for the influx of trick or treaters.

As Halloween creeps up on us, I’m personally already fixated on ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ being Christmas of course! So naturally, I end up in a frantic disarray pulling together some quick, easy and cost-effective pieces to style our front door.  If you’re in a neighbourhood where kids roam the streets, here are some simple ways to get into the spirit of ‘All Hallows Eve’ without breaking the bank.

Halloween styling - spray painted black wreath
halloween styling - a human finger hotdog

sourcing ‘products’…

My first step which also happens to be free, is to wander around the house and gardens and pick up anything Halloween inspired. And by this, I mean the colour black, or dead. This year, I found an old Christmas wreath in the shed and spray painted it black, as well as some rusty old metal lanterns, dead branches from the garden and electric tea lights left over from our engagement party. 

These items would act as a decent foundation for my ‘not so scary, borderline pretty’ Halloween styled front porch. The next step was a swift visit to ‘Choice the Discount store’ to pick up some ghastly looking decorations. And let me assure you, you will not be disappointed with their vast range of interesting ‘products’. A sea of headless corpses, blood stained sheets, gruesome looking witches or perhaps I can interest you in a hotdog made from a human finger? 


A successful mission it was as I returned home with witches’ hats and paper lanterns to suspend from the ceiling, as well as an array of spiders, bats, black candles and crows in black cages. I picked up three pumpkins from Woolworths on my way home which would act as the pop of colour needed to complete the look.  

I created vignettes either side of the stairs using the pumpkins styled with a glass bowl of black candles, two crows, a large black candelabra, black roses and my hero piece, a skeleton. Furry, black spiders crawl all over the dead branches from my garden and the black wreath sits pride of place on the front door. Of course, I balanced the pop of orange from the pumpkins with two orange witches’ hats to bring together an all-encompassing Halloween inspired display.

halloween styling - pumpkin, crow and candle vignette
halloween styling - pipi and bozley

my two helpers…

How could I ever leave out my two best pals – who end up being both an irritating hindrance and yet they’re the best and most loving helpers – Pipi and Bozley (aka Wassum Socks and Big old Toots McBride)

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halloween styling - front entrance
halloween styling - black spray painted wreath
halloween styling - close up front entrance
halloween styling - skeleton, pumpkim, flowers and crow display
halloween styling- hanging witches hats
halloween styling - pumpkin, crow and candle vignette

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