Winter Race Fashion @ the Sunshine Coast Turf Club

winter is off and racing (pardon the pun)…

Here on the Sunshine Coast, we are certainly not bound by the strict regulations of Royal Ascot, with their 10cm diameter headpieces a condition of entry, dresses to the knee and season consistent fashion an absolute non-negotiable. Yet one should always strive to put their best foot forward and dress with a sense of personal style and poise relative to our relaxed, coastal vibe. 

In the words of Anna Wintour herself (the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine and mad character from the Devil Wears Prada), “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” This statement couldn’t be more relative to Race Day Fashion. While unique personal style and season consistent outfits are important, you’ve got a long day on your feet so comfort is key when planning your outfit. Let’s face it, none of us want to be that lady walking through the exit gates barefoot with shoes in hand. 

With Winter fast approaching, we will naturally see an influx of wools, thicker fabrics, and textured lace make its annual return. Your go-to pieces like leather gloves, coats or capes and of course covered shoes like pumps and ankle boots will routinely swarm our race courses. However, it’s how we bring together these pieces each year that sets the annual trends.

Sunshine coast turf club Blog Post one - shoes, bags and gloves

hero pieces and colour selection…

Find your hero piece and run with it! Start planning your outfit by first selecting what I like to call your “absolute must have and will potentially die without it” piece. Colours like navy, black, emerald and olive green, as well as hues of red, burgundy and plums, are always on point for winter racing. Of course, not all at once! Work your colours around your hero piece. If your selection includes a bold colour or pattern, bring together your look with blacks, whites, neutrals, and metallics to complement, not compete.

Sunshine Coast Turf Club - Blog Post One - colours and fashions

let’s get fancy…

As an Interior Stylist, I have a strong appreciation for line and form, texture and pattern, colour and structure. Get creative with things like a layered ruffle sleeve, bell sleeve or frills to stay warm and still look fabulous. Structured high necks, interesting mid-length A-line skirts, and tailored jumpsuits are all beautiful, on-trend ways to align your winter racing look. Colour blocking has proven popular over the past couple of seasons and still remains prevalent at race meets.

Sunshine Coast Turf Clbu Blog Post one - structure, texture and interesting lines

millinery, a must…

“Millinery. Yes, you’ve designed your outfit around that must-have feature piece, but it’s the selection of millinery that finishes the look. A headpiece, hat, boater or fascinator should complement every detail of your outfit, from colour and size to texture and design. It must be on point! When in doubt, go for a simplistic approach like a fedora or turban in one colour. Metal crowns and headbands are also great as they are trans-seasonal and tend to balance most race attire. Photos below: All millinery made locally here on the Sunshine Coast in order from left to right –Millinery By Melanie J Designs, Hats by Tracy Mac, Jeane Mae Racing Fashion and Shut the Front Door.

Sunshine Coast Turf Club Blog Post One - Local Millinery

all in the details…

Don’t forget the finer details! How will your hair sit with your millinery? Will it need to be styled up, down, straightened or curled? Your approach to makeup should always keep in mind the colour scheme of your outfit, however, a fail-safe soft, neutral look is perfect for daytime events. Smack on some red lippy and you’ll have the ‘race day ready’ look in no time! Accessorise accordingly with winter in mind. A large piece of statement jewelry can bring a simple outfit to life, whilst metallic and velvet clutches are perfect for this time of year. Accents of silk, lace, faux fur and other luxurious fabrics teamed with silver, rose or gold jewelry can give you an elegant, yet understated look. 

The most important part of race day fashion is forgetting about race day fashion as soon as you walk through the gates. Let your hair down (or not of course if it’s in an updo), relax, have a drink and enjoy a day at the races.

Stay tuned for my next blog which will discuss the happenings of each race event. It’s going to be bigger and better than ever seen before here on the Sunshine Coast.

Join me for a weekend of racing! Click the links below to purchase tickets now and save.

Hot 91 Ladies Oaks Day – Friday 1st June.

UBET Moreton Cup Raceday – Saturday 2nd June.

I look forward to seeing you all there

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