Guest Bedroom Details | An elegant and inviting guest suite

guest bedroom before renovation

starting with a blank canvas…

Our guest bedroom – what a fabulous blank canvas! A cozy room with a beautiful solid cedar bay window, simple beige carpet and 3-meter-high ceilings. It had all the bones and structure to create something special and I envisaged a classic, relaxed and inviting space. The guest room is now my favorite room in the house. Every muted colour, piece of furniture new or old, pattern, fabric and texture all blend perfectly together to create this tranquil room. 

furniture details…

The large masculine bedhead I found on Ebay for an absolute bargain. Generally speaking, I try to shop local to support our Australian trade, being our guest room however, I wasn’t willing to spend thousands of dollars – I simply wanted it to look good. And it certainly serves its purpose! The timber bedsides are from Domayne. They were originally part of our main bedroom suite, but I later decided to relocate the bedsides to our guest room and paint them in British Paints colour Lighten Up. It’s a beautiful soft and muted grey that works beautifully with our wall colour (Dulux ¾ strength Lexicon) and our curtains. Our floor to ceiling light grey blackout curtains with white linen sheers were installed shortly after we moved in. They accentuate our high ceilings and add a sense of luxury and elegance to the room. Thanks Darren from Darren’s Blinds

The gorgeous accent chair with the bamboo detailed frame was purchased from Gumtree for $20. Yes, I’m serious and I had to have it, immediately! I guess it’s comparable to walking past the most glorious shoes you’ve ever seen, but better because those shoes are probably $2,000, not $20.

guest bedroom furniture details
guest bedroom accent chair before and after

upcycling that glorious chair…

I love that chair more than I love my wardrobe, so I wasn’t taking any chances by painting it myself. If you’ve read any of my DIY blog posts, occasionally my attention to detail in relation to painting is questionable, but only when it’s for my home. Never ever client work! Graham from Gee Emm Solutions is my go-to man for all my pernickety projects and jobs that I throw in the “too hard basket”! The chair was stripped and Graham sprayed the frame using my trusty Zinsser primer and top coated using Dulux ¼ strength Lexicon in a gloss enamel. 

I was in two minds over the fabric choice and knew I’d have two lumbar cushions made for the bed to match. It had to be perfect. I chose an imperial pattern and I love it’s striking and strong presence, yet the colours are still muted and soft. It was perfect. Thank you Fabric Traders for stocking a little slice of blue and white amazingness and as always, Christine and Gary from Upholstery By Design for transforming my new beauty.

home décor, art and linen details…

Unfortunately, the linen story is a little boring in comparison to the feature chair. However, what I can tell you is that the doona cover and matching pillow cases are a simple duck egg blue waffle weave from Adairs. The blue and white striped sheets and euro pillows are also from Adairs. I couldn’t tell you where I sourced the two throws, they’d previously been stored and now lucky enough to make a second appearance to complete the guest room. Lucky them!

This will be ridiculously difficult to comprehend due to it’s natural beauty, but that cane and rattan mirror above the bed was also purchased from Gumtree. Even better, it’s from the same lady that sold me the chair. Seriously winning over here! I painted the mirror using Annie Sloan chalk paint in Napoleonic Blue which perfectly lends itself to the muted, tranquil and moody vibe. 

The large pieces of watercolour artwork which I absolutely adore are from Little Branch. These deep blue watercolour pieces are made of the highest quality and the depth of colour is incredible. Photos simply do no justice. The remaining pieces were painted by yours truly. By creating more simplistic images ensured nothing would take away from the mirror and feature prints. The table lamps are from Early Settler. I love the strategically placed room spray and moisturiser from Sheridan, which I feel offers guests a sense of luxury and elegance. There is a lovely glass bottle which I received as a gift from my beautiful friend Rikki Lancaster and the rest I’ve collected over time from here, there and everywhere.

guest bedroom linen and paint details
danni's top 5 tips

Danni’s top 5 tips when creating a cluster wall…

  1. Measure the size of your cluster wall and ensure it’s in proportion not only to your wall, but also within your space. Draw a picture of your room and measure exactly where the cluster wall will be positioned. 
  2. Place that picture in your handbag and go shopping! Purchase your artwork, frames or mirrors with placement and sizing in mind.
  3. At home, create your cluster wall by positioning your pieces on the floor. Place books to represent each corner of your cluster and place all of your frames inside the space. 
  4. If something’s out of proportion or the spacing isn’t quite right, first attempt a different layout. If you don’t succeed, return the item and under no circumstances wing it!
  5. Bring in the professionals to hang your cluster wall. It can be quite complex and if you have no patience like me, the likelihood of you stuffing it up is relatively high. Don’t be like Danni.
gues bedroom cluster set up on the floor

This is now my favourite room in our home – I love nothing more than walking down our hall and presenting our guests with their temporary lux guest suite. Without further ado, I give you our guest bedroom and I hope you love it as much as I do. Please feel free to email me with any questions and I’d love to see your comments below. See you all soon for our Tewantin reveals. Woohoo xx

guest bbedroom full room shot
the entry to our guest bedroom wall and flower stand
guest bedroom bed and right side table detail
guest bedroom full shot with bozley
guest bedroom bedside table details
guest bedroom cluster wall detail
guest bedroom full shot
Fabric on guest bedroom chair
guest bedroom accent chair detail
entry to our guest bedroom with danni
guest bedroom bedside table details
guest room accent chair fabric detail

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