Halcyon House | A quick trip for a creative hit

time to recharge…

Working in a creative industry requires you to remain creative, inspired and productive for the entirety of your job. In my opinion, this is impossible. Some days I literally feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall over and over again for hours on end. I guess it’s the same thing when you’re attempting to design a beautiful space or create something unique but you’re tired, uninspired and getting absolutely nowhere. It happens. And it happens more often than you think. 

halcyon house large lounge pendant light
halcyon house outdoor bistro setting and blue curtain
rikki lancaster at halcyon house

somewhere inspiring…

Me personally, I like to get away, unwind, regroup and start fresh. This could be a week or month away, yet sometimes a day or two is all you need to recharge and jump back into creative mode. I can’t think of a better way to revitalize then heading somewhere that is naturally so inspiring and beautiful, not to mention the bulk instagrammable spaces ready to shoot. Add to the mix Rikki Lancaster, my gorgeous friend and photographer, a brand new Alfa Romeo Guilia thanks to Cricks Noosa and we’ve a got a gorgeous couple of days away to inspire our souls and fill our Instagram pages. I even managed a cute snap of Rikki which was lovely to steal a snap of the woman behind the lens. Hi Rikki and hello Halcyon House! 

first impression? absolute perfection…

Perfection… There are literally no other words except absolute perfection. I’m convinced Halcyon House is the most beautiful and instagrammable hotel in Australia. Anna Spiro from Black & Spiro’s ability to create the most perfect, unique spaces and her attention to detail is unwavering without question. Halcyon House is an absolute feast for your eyeballs but add comfort, immaculate staff and 5-star service to this aesthetically pleasing haven, and you’ve got recipe for hotel sparking interest on an international level.

halycon house pool lounges on byron bay getaway
halcyon house signage on byron bay getaway
the halcyon house bar and stool on byron bay getaway

meeting mauro…

Shortly after arrival I meet Halcyon’s General Manager, Mauro De Riso, who was hand selected from JK Place, a 5 star hotel in Capri, Italy. Mauro looks every part of a General Manager running a luxury boutique hotel, dressed immaculately wearing a blue and white suit sporting a pocket square.  

A bartender making the halcyon house signature cocktail
halcyon house lounge area and lamps byron bay getaway
halcyon house exterior hallway

bespoke guest rooms…

The impeccable presentation of each staff member is only matched by the beautiful styling of every bespoke guest room. Featuring a slightly different theme yet still complementing the next, each room has a large upholstered bedhead in a gorgeous patterned fabric, styled seamlessly against their textured fabric walls. Each bathroom fitted with English tapware, marble vanities and handmade tiles for absolute luxury.  

halcyon house bespoke guest room
a bespoke guest room at halcyon house
halcyon house bespoke guest room suite

victorian cluster walls…

Owners and sisters Siobhan and Elisha Bickle, along with designer Anna Spiro travelled the globe sourcing artwork for every room and public space in the hotel. A Victorian cluster wall using these artworks can be found in every room and is one of Halycons signature styling displays, and my personal favourite.

halycon house victorian cluster wall bedroom 2
halycon house victorian cluster wall bedroom
halycon house victorian cluster wall in the paper daisy

the paper daisy…

The Paper Daisy, Halcyon’s restaurant is most certainly somewhere you’ll want to simply sit and look around for hours. The bar area, lounge and dining room has been styled with a beautiful combination of timber, cane, wicker and textured fabrics to create an interesting, yet perfectly blended space. Anna has combined these furniture pieces with lots of blue and white, florals and greenery, traditional lamps, globally sourced artwork and a cute brass bar cart. I’m in heaven!

blue and white book shelving halcyon house byron bay getaway
halcyon house the paper daisy restaurant
paper daisy dining room halcyon house byron bay getaway
halcyon house lounge area and lamps byron bay getaway
halcyon house bar and lounge
halcyon house bar cart on byron bay getaway

what’s next for Halcyon House…

Recently I attended Anna Spiros styling masterclass held at Halcyon House. Fortunately, Anna chose to discuss their new spa house, shop and tennis building currently under construction and I was lucky enough to listen to Anna’s vision and selection for the interiors. Huge ceilings featuring traditional style arches, a stunning reception, unique treatment rooms teamed with beautiful fabrics, fixtures and finishes. It’s going to be a visual delight and I can’t wait to book in when it’s finished and experience the final result.

If you’re after luxury, yet a stress-free and relaxed coastal getaway, then Halcyon House is for you. Make sure you order one (or 10) of their signature cocktails as you sunbake on their famous blue and white striped sunbeds. Enjoy!

Also, just a quick update from DBD – I’ll be posting a guest bedroom reveal in a matter of weeks and then it’ll be game on for our Tewantin reveals.. Eeeeek! How exciting! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to flick me an email. Cheers and Happy Sunday xx

halcyon house signature cocktail at the paper daisy

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