M & D: The Engagement Soiree

Aside from the constant renovation process, the ever changing visual aspect, the DIYs, the painting and all the rest, we do occasionally get to enjoy our beautiful property. We’ve held great parties, lovely family Christmas’s, kids sleepovers and everything else that goes along with owning a large property with lots of fun ‘activities’. And who doesn’t love activities! Anyway, this blog post isn’t going to contain a lot of text content as the focus is purely visual and demonstrates how we get to utilise the exterior of our home after such large scale renovations. 

the party details…

I couldn’t think of a more perect way to showcase my entertaining skills (lol) and sections of our exterior by posting the visual set up of our Engagement Party! People thought I was crazy when I explained I really wanted a “Hamptons Style Engagement Party”. Apparently this isn’t a thing…. Well it most certainly is now! I bought fabric from spotlight, bits and pieces from Etsy, oars, ship wheels, lanterns, more décor and 47,532 LED candles. There was signage everywhere, candles lining our driveway, cocktail bars with signature cocktails (Danni’s Delight, Matthew’s Mojito), and pretty things every which way you turned. I’ve compiled a list of the big ticket items I organised in preparation for our special event. Hopefully, if you’re on the coast and looking to plan a function, you’ll find this really handy and inspiring! I wish I had one when I was planning. Fortunately, Matt and I shared the same focus, and that was to present our guests with a joyful, memorable and fun night. That’s all we wanted…

  • My gorgeous friend and professional photographer Rikki Lancaster. The photos below speak for themselves!
  • The ever so talented and super stunning Amanda bailey Make-up and Lashes.
  • A “Polaroid Booth”. I set up my camera on a tripod so guests could easily take a photo. I ordered this online ready made with our dets!
  • A Donut Wall thanks to Mel from Chocolate 2 Chilli. Yes, an entire wall of delectable sugary heaven that tasted AMAZEBALLS!
  • The spunky and talented Fonoti Brothers who sing like angels. You’re welcome ladies!
  • The beautiful flowers were organised with Sandi at Willow Bud. The brief was white with green structure and a touch a blue. #nailedit
  • Nick Britt, the most incredible magician who still has us scratching our heads wondering how he did what he did! Incredible!
  • Last but not least, our caters whom I’ve used twice and can’t fault – First Class Functions.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed our night filled with flowing champagne, friends, family and lots of laughs. Hopefully I’ll spark some inspiration within you to start planning a special function of your own, whether it be an engagement, birthday or for absolutely no reason whatsoever! Without further ado, I give you our beautiful and super special engagement party!

See you soon lovely readers!

Design by danni signature


engagement party overall detail
engagement party pipi the pooch
engagement party decor detail
engagement party food detail
engagement party gazebo detail
engagement party tabel setting detail
engagement party matt and danni
engagement party gazebo and stools
engagement party danni ring detail
engagement party gazebo flower display detail
engagement party cocktail trolley detail
engagement party cocktail bar detail
engagement party detail
engagement party fonoti broethers detail
engagement party outdoor lounge setting detail
engagement party donut wall detail
engagement party cocktails detail
engagement party donut detail
engagement party danni
engagement party entry sign detail
engagement party matt and danni
engagement party detail polaroid booth
engagement party detail pool swans
engagement party detail drinks sign and bar

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