Upcycling Pre-loved Furniture to Create a Hampton’s Inspired Verandah Setting

sourcing the perfect pieces for our verandah…

I believe the majority of Australians will agree with me when I say – there’s nothing better than a morning coffee and/or a late afternoon wine on the back verandah. Generally speaking the Northern States of Australia (and some South) have hot weather most of the year, so naturally we tend to congregate to our outdoor living spaces. It’s more comfortable, conversational and it’s part of our culture. “Chuck another snag on the barbie” etc etc…

Our home has a classic coastal x Hampton’s homestead vibe, so it was important to find an outdoor lounge setting that compliments the style of our exterior, as well as offering function and practically due to it’s regular use. While there’s lots of stunning new cane lounges available in the market, I envisaged a more traditional look for our verandah. I decided to take on “The Gumtree Project” – a completely made up concept where I would purchase all the main pieces I required pre-loved and upcycle them Hamptons style. Gumtree can be an absolute gold mine and continues to surprise me every time I look.

original outdoor lounge in van

the circa 2000 outdoor cane lounge…

original cane lounge and colour of house

I stumbled across this 3 seater and 2 armchairs (tick), locally (tick) for $400 (massive tick)… I offered the owner $300 and it was a deal. I organised for a friend to pick it up and when it was delivered I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes; the sheer quality of it! Yes I admit, it was difficult to overlook the gorgeous assortment of rainbow colours beautifully presented in dots, lines and stripes, however it was 16 years old, in immaculate condition, complete with custom made cushions. Win! This beauty would be transformed in no time. It simply needed a really good clean, a couple of coats of paint and the rainbow fabric gone. 

First things first, I delivered the cushions straight to Christine and Gary at Upholstery By Design. A local Sunshine Coast Upholsterer owned by a lovely, laidback and talented husband and wife team. I organised to have to cushions recovered in an outdoor rated Wortley fabric, Coastal in Oyster with a classic white piping. Considering I have 2 dogs and 3 kids, a heavy commercial / outdoor fabric was an absolute must. Now, I just strip the lounge and throw the covers in the wash with plenty of Napisan and anti-bacterial wash. Done!

a little oak coffee table…

This little guy I picked up for $30 on Gumtree. Bargain, I say! I was specifically looking for a coffee table with a glass top and two levels for decent storage so this one was perfect. Like the lounge suite, it also needed a really good clean and judging by those circular water marks, a decent paintjob too.

verandah outdoor lounge project coffee table off gumtree

do it properly, do it once… cut corners and do it twice…

outdoor lounge on verandah after paint cracked

I don’t own a spray gun, and considering cane is circular, it’s pretty much a given that you need to spray it. Instead of purchasing a spray gun and one can of paint, I bought 347 spray cans of primer and white exterior spray paint. This was my first mistake. Following this, pressure cleaning was required to prep the surface properly, but I was concerned about the cane deteriorating under the pressure. Instead I vacuumed as much of the dust, flint and general crap as possible, but unfortunately it wasn’t good enough. Mistake number 2. I then proceeded to paint 3 coats (1 primer , 2 top coats) using spray paint. My last and final mistake. Here’s how it looked 2 months later… Grrrr.

Thank gosh I have the most talented future father-in-law, Mr Fix-it, Hire-a-Hubby and Handyman, Graham. Fortunately for me, he worked in quality control for over 20 years. His attention to detail is second to none, which is simply the outcome of his fastidious and picky nature. AND he lives on the Sunshine Coast. Check him out if you need something (anything really!) done in or around the home at Gee Emm Solutions. Anyway, Graham kindly pressure cleaned, repaired and sprayed my lounge suite in a high gloss, enamel paint USING A SPRAY GUN.

colour selection…

The lounge and coffee table have been primed in my all time favorite product when quality, longevity and ease of painting are important – Zinsser Cover Stain. Graham used Taubmans Tradex Enamel Oil Based paint in white to complete the lounge, whilst I painted the coffee table in Taubmans Ultimate Alkyd Enamel in British Paints colour Lighten Up. I specifically introduced ‘Lighten Up’, which is a light grey, as a subtle contrast to the striking navy and white verandah setting. Unfortunately it’s a little hard to see in the photos due to the amount of natural light.

décor details…

  • Most of the décor I purchased from my favorite lovelies at – Hampton’s Style. They have a fabulous online store which is so ridiculously dangerous, but completely awesome at the same time.
  • As mentioned, the lounge suite, oak coffee table and oak side table are all pre-loved pieces sourced locally through Gumtree.
  • The striped rug and blue/grey mosaic side table are both from Freedom. Ask for Kaz at Maroochydore, she’s amazing!
  • I found the Hampton’s Ottomans from Interiors Online. These were also recovered by Upholstery By Design in the Wortley Coastal Ocean
Verandah setting lounge suite Wortley fabric Coastal Oyster
Wortley Fabric - Coastal Oyster
verandah setting coffee table paint colour Bristish Paints Lighten Up
British Paints - Lighten Up
Verndah setting lounge suite Wortley Coastal Ocean
Wortley Fabric - Coastal Ocean

what’s coming up for DBD…

Please enjoy the ‘after’ photos below of our new/old verandah setting including Pipi the Princess posing perfectly for the camera. Bozley was only a day or two post op when these photos were taken, so Pipi was enjoying ALL of my company to herself without Big Brutus pushing her out of the way. Lol!

I’ve got some pretty exciting things in the pipeline for the next couple of months including our Engagement Party, yay! Besides that, I plan on posting some of my client’s gorgeous before and after photos, as well as the transformation of our Outdoor Gazebo into a Hampton’s Inspired Pool House x Party Dock. So stay tuned… If there’s anything you’d like to see or know about, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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verandah outdoor lounge after photos freedom side table close up and decor
verandah outdoor lounge after photos whole verandah
verandah outdoor lounge afer photos Pipi sunbaking
verandah outdoor lounge after photos tray and decor close up
verandah outdoor lounge after photos lantern
verandah outdoor lounge side table and chair detail
verandah outdoor lounge after photos decor close up
verandah outdoor lounge after photos high shot of lounge and coffee table
verandah outdoor lounge after photos freedom side table
verandah outdoor lounge after photos freedom side table and yard detail
verandah outdoor lounge after photos bozley after surgery
verandah outdoor lounge after photos chair and side table detail

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