Hampton’s Style Front Door and Foyer Interior

the circa 1998 look…

In the last two months we’ve managed to start and finish a house extension and paint the entire exterior of our home… At the same time. You can rest assured that the only constant in my life during that time was the consumption of a large volume of coffee and wine, sometimes in unison.  At one stage, I remember counting 14 tradesmen cruising around our home. To be honest, I don’t really mind having people everywhere, unless of course, you’re showering with a painter directly outside your window who can potentially see your naked behind. “Hi Jim – luckily enough, I believe I saw you before you saw me”…  Phew! Having respectful, good people allows you to continue on with life as normal, and thankfully all of our trades have been wonderful and particularly conscious of our privacy and needs. Pats on the back all round! If you’re looking for a professional and particular painter, please give Mick a call from MDM Painting. He doesn’t even have a website or Facebook page as he simply relies on word of mouth. Fabulous!

Eventually I will photograph and blog the full exterior of our home as it’s been such a massive project ,however, it’s still not quite finished ,so for now I thought I’d offer a sneak peek. Murrison Manor, as we’ve recently named her, was built in 1998 in a colonial / heritage style and colour which was absolutely stunning two decades ago, and still is to an extent. During our initial inspection, I first noticed the beautiful detailed entrance and instantly thought how easy it would be to transform into my dream Hamptons Style. I literally could not paint the exterior fast enough, much to the disapproval of my partner who ‘loves’, or shall I say ‘loved’ the cream, heritage green and red brick. I love him dearly but not a single other person prefers the original colour, except for him.

original exterior entry of the house
original exterior and interior entry of the house
original exterior and interior entry of the house

restoring and preserving…

I’m sure you will agree that the entire space inside and out needed an injection of light and the best way to bring light is to paint it white! The original photos illustrates the previous owner’s furniture and décor selection, which appears a little heavy in an already dark space. Whilst the paintwork needed a drastic change, it was really important to plan this project with a realistic and sensible eye and not get carried away with super modern paint colours. I wanted to restore the natural beauty of the building whilst still preserving the charm and heritage. Quite a few people asked me if I was going to render the exposed brick detail – I almost fainted every time. If you didn’t quite get that – my answer was a no!

In a previous post, I blogged about the feature wall just inside our front entry. First impressions have always been a really significant factor for me when prioritising which spaces to renovate; hence the entry was first and important for introducing flow and consistency of the interiors throughout the rest of the home. To check it out click here.

original exterior entry entire house

the colour details…

In true Hampton’s style, the exterior was painted in a gorgeous light grey with all white detailing. The cream render has been completely transformed using Taubmans Salinger, and all the stunning exposed red brick has been hand primed and painted in Dulux Surf Mist to match our Colour Bond garage doors. The heritage style timber posts, corbels and detailing is top to toe in Dulux Surf Mist, and the old weathered concrete paving and stairs has been finished in White Knight Paving Paint in Taubmans Sealord.

front door and exterior colour samples
Taubmans Salinger (light grey) and Dulux Surf Mist (white).
front door entry paving colour samples
The colour samples for our concrete paving. Sealord is the bottom colour.

a gloss black front door…

So this one took a little convincing … Painting 20 year old, delicately carved, solid cedar front doors gloss black was always going to be an ask of my partner and the painters for that matter. When I first mentioned the idea everyone simply stared at me – half with a look of confusion, the other half with “is this woman crazy?”  I understand there will be some readers who will want to kill me for painting those beautiful doors, but I think the final result is just stunning. The doors have been painted in a high gloss black finish and all the trim in the Surf Mist to match the brickwork. Those cute little door knockers are thanks to Building Works Australia – I love how such a small and simple idea has the ability to complete an entire space.

exterior front door, brick render and lighting detail original
exterior front door, brick render and lighting detail transformed

exterior lighting…

These traditional style, custom green sconce lighting looked lovely with the original colour scheme, but clearly wasn’t going to work with our Hamptons transformation. A simple and classic South Hampton sconce from Beacon would do the trick! I wanted to introduce a touch of black to the exterior for depth; and to compliment the dark stained cedar windows and door frames.

furniture & homewares…

The beautiful antique sideboard was a commissioned job restored by Angela from Down Vintage Lane. Angela is incredible and creates the most beautiful unique pieces! The knobs on the sideboard are from Handle House. The antique silver candelabra I bought on sale from One World. The tray display with the blue vases, fern and small ceramic are all from The Complete Garden . The baskets are from Yellow Oak and Masters (not even joking)… The little, grey rug is from Early Settler and the black chandelier is from the original fit out. Everything in front of the wallpaper is listed in a previous blog post which you can read here .

original exterior and interior entry of the house
completed front door detail and interior entry

we’re 99% there…

There is still old materials, paint tins, and rubbish in general everywhere but I often walk outside simply to admire our crisp new paintjob, in particular our new entry. If you’re in Australia and you’ve seen the Colour Bond ad of the guy standing in his yard and staring at his roof – I am now that person. I never imagined how much self satisfaction one could feel just with an exterior paintjob. So beautiful!

Any questions? Ask away xx

Design by danni signature

completed front of exterior entry
completed front of exterior entry brick, render and window detail
completed front door, interior and exterior entry detail with Design By Danni
completed front of exterior entry front door detail
completed front door detail and interior entry
completed front door, exterior and interior entry homewares and decor detail
completed front door and interior entry homewares and decor detail
completed front door and interior entry homewares and decor detail
completed front door and interior entry homewares and decor detail

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