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danni morrison…

“I feel like it’s come the right time I wrote a post about Danni Morrison. I’d like to share with you where I’ve come from, who and what is important to me, and how I became an Interior Stylist and Blogger. I find it difficult to write about myself, but I’ll do my best to give you an idea of who I am and what makes up my life! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments box below.”

design by danni and her mum
Design by danni and her Dad
Our new farm house

growing up…

“Growing up, we were always moving. I recently did the calculations and it turns out I’ve lived in almost 30 properties, which is basically one a year. My passion for interiors came from my mum. My mother is super house proud, loves interior decorating and was constantly changing and updating our beautiful homes. We’d move from a brand new Mediterranean style home on the outskirts of Brisbane with its European flair and manicured gardens to a gorgeous and super trendy 1oo year old inner city Queenslander. Mums style was forever evolving and I most definitely acquired my creative genes from her – my Dad was a Biology teacher for 14 years, turned PHD qualified Business Strategist. (I’m certain my sister got ALL of Dad’s genes)”

starting out…

“When I was 17 I walked into a trendy furniture store and immediately fell in love with the lines of the furniture, the details of the homewares, and the layers of textiles before me.  I remember feeling like a was wondering through a fairyland of huge upholstered beds, beautiful box stitched leather lounges and homewares I didn’t know existed. I decided there and then that I wanted to follow my passion and start an Interior Design Course. I applied for a job with the same store weeks later but was knocked back (of course) as I had no experience in furniture, sales or anything for that matter! 4 years later I had become their In Store Interior Decorator, and was able to work closely with property developers, collaborate with other designers, and help everyday people fit out homes, apartments and display properties.”

“With a solid background in Interior Decoration and Design I decided to pursue my next dream – to move to the Sunshine Coast. Jobs are limited on the coast in my background, but I found city life draining and was ready for the coastal lifestyle. It took me a while, but I made the move and couldn’t have been happier. I quickly purchased a cute little three bedroom duplex a couple of roofs from the beach. It was in original condition and in desperate need of a caring owner to give her some love. With a coat of paint, a new outdoor living area and some tropical gardens, I was in love. I wasn’t in love, however, with being unable to afford the furniture I wanted to do my home justice when on a budget (what early twenties girl can?) And so begins my love of DIY, recycling and restoring old pieces to bring a unique charm and character to my home. My first home became something I’m incredibly proud of, and brought a new dimension to my work due to money constraints. So far I had helped other people style their homes but this time I was able to style my own, it was cute and fun. It gave me a new perspective on my own style, and renewed my energy for creating my own niche in Interior Styling.”

my warana investment property
my warana investment property
my warana investment property
Design By Danni and Matt
My partner and I in the streets of Bellagio, Como, Italy
Matt and Deisgn By Danni playing golf

my wonderful man and purchasing our dream home…

“So how did I end up in my current home? I met a wonderful man and we decided to buy our home together. We had known each other a long time and were friends well before we realised our relationship was something more. As part of the package, I’m now on Step Mum duties to three beautiful kiddlets: Miss 16, Mr 12 and Mr 10. I’m incredibly lucky to have such great kids in my life which makes it so easy to be a part of their family. My partner and I decided to prioritise purchasing a house that was ideal for the kids, so with two young boys in mind our homes large pool, tennis court and sprawling grounds was going to be paradise. We are so glad we made the decision to buy our home as we are an active family and you will often find us outside in the afternoons with the kids and dogs playing sport, gardening, or just hanging out as a family.”

“Our home also gave me the opportunity to spread my wings in developing my sense of style and being a heritage style home this allowed my to renovate in my absolute favourite style – classic coastal Hampton’s luxe. With years of experience behind me I’ve been able to create my dream home for my family, well kind of. It’s at least in the process of becoming a dream home. Design By Danni was launched and allows me to inspire people in my creative process and give real life advice and experience on renovating, DIY and styling.

everyday loves…

The things I love in my life are what gets me out of bed in the morning. Obviously there’s my family – along with my partner and step children I also have a sister, nieces, nephews, a wonderful extended family and my fur-babies Pipi and Bozley. I have a close knit group of friends who most of them I’ve known for years as we grew up together. I love nothing more than opening our home to friends and family for extended stays, or just a Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch. Entertaining is a big part of my life and its something I truly enjoy. Another huge part of my life is travel. My partner and I are lucky enough to travel regularly to all sorts of places in Australia and around the world, both with and without the kids. I’ve had some amazing experiences and moments I’ll never forget, and I hope to chronicle some of my future travels on my blog. Aside from that, I love a night at home with roast in the oven and a glass of wine in hand perched on the back verandah with my loves. I enjoy hot and sunny days at the beach, my dogs, and a bit of retail therapy never goes astray! This said, I’d rather purchase a blue and white ceramic vase over a new dress any day of the week. The only object that over rules everything is shoes – nothing will ever come between my love for shoes. And of course, my never wavering passion for interior style, décor and comfort.”

“Have a question? Ask away!!”

Design by danni signature

Ali's wedding photo
My sisters wedding with my Mum and two gorgeous nieces. You can see where the curls come from!
horse riding with the kids
Horse Riding on the Beach with the kiddlets
All the girls design by danni
All my favourite women in one photo!
Kelli and design by Danni
The Bestie xx
Wine Tasting in the Napa Valley
Wine Tasting in the Napa Valley on such a glorious day.
Matt and Design By Danni at the races
Race Day ready at Randwick!
kids at our old house
The kids at our old house overlooking the water. It was beautiful!
My partner and design by danni at a wedding
A Wedding at a Winery in Wanaka. Simply stunning!
Childhood photo design by danni
I never conformed as a child and always did things my way! This photo is no exception. Lol!

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